Phase Control Sound Modulator - Phaser
Phase Control Sound Modulator - Phaser

Phase Control Sound Modulator - Phaser

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Not currently in stock, but will build-to-order.  Lead time is 2-4 weeks, depending on component availability

The Phase Control Sound Modulator is a clone of the Blackout Effectors Whetstone Phaser with some modifications (no fix mode, two footswitchable rate presets).  It is an all analog phaser with highly tweakable output.

Control description:


  • These knobs control the speed of the phasing effect oscillation. Each knob and RANGE switch can be set independently to act as a preset. The RATE A/B footswitch toggles between the two different presets.
  • The RANGE switches control the range of the phasing effect oscillation speed
    • PADS – this is a very slow speed, ranging from 1 Oscillation about every 40 seconds at the minimum setting to 3 oscillations per second at max.
    • NORM – this is the standard rate of oscillation you will find on most phasers. It ranges from 1 oscillation every 10 seconds at min to about 30 per second at max.
    • RING – this is a very fast oscillation, similar to a ring modulator. About 2 oscillations per second at min, and an ungodly high number at max. The most “ring modulation” sounding range is from about 1:00-on on the dial.


  • Similar to a “regen” in other phasers and flangers, this knob controls how much of the phased signal is added back to the input to increase the volume of the phased effect.



  • Controls the amount of phased signal that is combined with the clean signal.



  • Controls the volume of the output. By default this knob is set for:
    • 7:00 (all the way down) - no volume, complete cut of the signal
    • 12:00 - approximately unity gain
    • 5:00 (all the way up) – about 20 dB of boost
  • The range of cut and boost can be altered by removing the back plate and adjusting:
    • R31 – this resistor location is socketed, and by default has a jumper (0 Ω) installed. If you want to increase the volume when the knob is set to minimum, add a 10kΩ or 20kΩ resistor in this socket
    • Internal Trim Pot – turn this to the left to increase the max volume of the output (about 30 dB at most). Turn to the right to decrease max volume of the output. Note that this will also change where you have to set this knob to achieve unity gain.



  • Toggles between “narrow” and “wide” sweep modes of the oscillation. This also impacts the speed of the oscillation.



  • Toggles between 2 and 4 stage phaser modes



  • This removes the “clean” signal from the output and leaves just the phased signal, resulting in a vibrato-like effect. Note that DEPTH should be set to max in if VIBRATO is on in order to achieve desired volume level.



  • Changes the frequency of two of the phasing stages, resulting in the oscillation in those stages being asymmetrical with the other stages. This achieves a somewhat Univibe-sounding effect.



  • Adds a low-pass (high-cut) filter to two of the phasing stages, resulting in a less pronounced phasing effect.


Note: This PCB used in this pedal is designed by AionFX.