Ranger Danger - Germanium Boost
Ranger Danger - Germanium Boost
Ranger Danger - Germanium Boost
Ranger Danger - Germanium Boost

Ranger Danger - Germanium Boost

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Ranger Danger is a Germanium boost with a unique tone control that gives it a far different sound than the Dallas Rangemaster that it is based on.

Many modern takes on the Rangemaster offer a selectable (often via 3-way toggle) boost frequency profile.  And many of those sound absolutely fantastic, but I wanted to do something different with the Ranger Danger.


  • New Old Stock (NOS) Germanium Russian military transistor
  • Hand-made and hand-finished
  • "FREQ." - The Frequency Knob controls the frequencies that are sent into the transistor to be boosted.
    • Setting the Freq. knob to full counter-clockwise, high frequencies and low frequencies are emphasized, and the pedal mostly functions as a clean boost.
    • As the Freq. knob is turned clockwise, mid frequencies are boosted, and the signal begins to distort.  EQ profile is very mid-hump at full CCW
  • "GAIN" - The Gain knob controls the amount of boost that is applied to the signal.
    • Full CCW is complete signal cut
    • How much boost is achieved at different settings of the GAIN knob is highly dependent on the FREQ. setting
    • The higher the FREQ. setting, the more the GAIN knob will boost the signal
  • "BASS BOOST" - The Bass Boost switch adds some bottom end to the boosted signal.  Its effect is more apparent thigh higher the FREQ. setting.
  • True Bypass
  • Premium "Purple Multicolor-Sparkle" finish
  • LED footswitch
  • Powered by standard 9v center-negative power supply (not included)
Note: Because of the inherent noise of Germanium transistors, this pedal is not ideal for use with very high gain sounds or distortion pedals.  It works best when boosting a clean tube amp into overdrive, or a slightly dirty amp into full-on drive sounds.