The Legend - Germanium Fuzz
The Legend - Germanium Fuzz

The Legend - Germanium Fuzz

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Not currently in stock, but will build-to-order.  Lead time is 2-4 weeks, depending on component availability

The Legend is a fuzz pedal designed primarily for bass guitar (though it sounds great on guitar as well).  Its sound is inspired by the many great sounds of bass fuzz as used in heavy music.


  • New Old Stock (NOS) Germanium Russian military transistors
  • "Fuzz EQ" knob with a tonal range that is optimized for bass
  • "Clean" knob to blend clean signal back in with the fuzzed signal
  • "Clean EQ" knob that acts as a low-pass filter for the clean signal (allowing just lower OR low-to-upper-mid frequencies to be mixed in by the Clean knob)
  • "Level" affects the overall volume of the output (both clean and fuzzed signal)
  • Transformer-based passive pickup simulation
    • The Legend is similar to Germanium fuzz pedals that famously sound brittle or too bright when used behind a buffer or with active pickups (Tonebenders, Fuzz Face).  These pedals sound best when an instrument with passive pickups is plugged directly into them.
    • The Legend features a transformer-based passive simulator that allows it to be used with active pickups, or when placed after a buffer in the signal chain.  This allows it to retain the warm, round fuzz sound that Germanium fuzzes are known for when connected that way.
    • The feature is on/off selectable by toggle
    • Simulation of passive single coil or passive humbucking pickups is also selectable by toggle.
    • The intensity of the simulation can be adjusted by an internal trim potentiometer.
  • Internal trim potentiometers for setting the bias of both gain stages of the Fuzz circuit.